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Comfor & Joy Quilting wants to help you prepare your quilt for the greatest quilting success possible.
Here are a few helpful hints:

  • Press all seams.

  • Trim all threads.

  • Do not baste your quilt top, batting, and backing together.

  • Stay stitch any pieced borders and edges.

  • Please mark the “head” of the quilt top with a safety pin or masking tape. Also mark the quilt backing
    if you have a preference on which end is up.

  • Backing and batting should be a minimum of 4 inches larger than the quilt on all sides for best results.
    This is necessary for pinning and clamping onto the machine.

  • If you plan on having scalloped quilt edges, please do not cut the curves until all the quilting is done.
    You may mark your intended edges with basting thread or other marking pen.

  • Please make sure your quilt top and backing are square. Straight edges are required for loading your
    quilt top and backing to the machine rollers.

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Other Services and Options
: We do have batting on hand that you may purchase from us. You may choose to provide your own batting, however it must meet our quality and size requirement for machine quilting. Please contact us for brands available and prices.
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Thread: There is a per quilt cost of $3.00 for solid color thread. Variegated thread is $5.00.
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Binding: $25.00 Service Rate
We provide a service of attaching binding to your quilt. Please provide 1 yard of binding fabric. We will cut 2 ½ strips, press it in half and machine stitch to your trimmed quilt. You may then complete the binding by hand or by machine. (All fabric trimmed and remaining strips of binding will be returned to you with your finished quilt.)
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Backing: $30.00 Service Rate
Comfort & Joy Quilting will complete your backing. Please include enough fabric to exceed your quilt top size by 3 to 4 inches all the way around. If you do not include adequate backing fabric, your project will need to be returned to you at your cost.
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Shipping: Shipping costs will be exact cost to mail to your zip code plus insurance. We will insure for a $500 value unless other requests have been made by you.
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Payments: Payments accepted by personal or cashier check. Please contact us for credit card payment information.

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